Decorative Finishes

Anybody can powder coat, but not everybody can custom coat.

  • Green Marble
  • Zebra
  • Camouflage
  • Dark Wood
  • Spatolato
  • granite


COAT can apply these unique finishes to ANYTHING

  • Medical Medical
  • Furniture Furniture
  • Siding Siding
  • Automotive Automotive
  • Home & \n Garden Home &
  • Marine Marine
  • Building \n Materials Building
  • Hunting & \n Fishing Hunting &


Imagine The Possibilities

Using a cutting-edge decorative powder coating system, COAT is able to create amazingly realistic wood grains and custom images on aluminum, steel, iron, plastic, PVC, MDF, glass and countless other materials with complex shapes. Imagine the possibilities of taking a product’s finish from ordinary to extraordinary!

Our sublimation equipment technologies are the preferred choice for designers and architects, offering beauty, long-term protection and durability. COAT finishes add real value to products by providing a quality advantage that boosts a manufacturer’s competitiveness.

What We Do

Coat Innovations, LLC is dedicated on becoming the finisher of choice for manufacturers and OEMs. We look at capitalizing on a low cost, high volume turnkey solution.

The Decorative Process:

Products are initially powder coated with a special powder before going through our unique sublimation process. A transfer film, printed with special inks, is applied over the products under vacuum for a tight contact. Products are then loaded into a decoration machine at high temperature that turns inks into a gas that penetrates deep into the coated layer. Products are then taken out of the decoration machine and the used films are peeled off to reveal the images. At this point the products are completely decorated and ready for shipment.